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Our menu

Welcome drinks

Fruity Sangria with ice & cinnamon
Vegetables with Arabian Pita Bites & olive dip

Champagne with peach juice (Bellini cocktail)
Roast Vegetable tartlets with balsamic & Parmesan Flakes

Kir Royal with Champagne or Fragolino
Cherry Tomatoes & Mozzarella Rolls or baton sale

Asti Martini with fragolino

Sangria & fruit pants
Spring Rolls & Samosas with Sweet & Sour Sauce


Shrimp Shot

Brouschetta with Prosciutto & melon

Brown Baguette with Smoked Salmon

Baker's basket

Selection of White, Brown & Granary Breads


Greek salad
Traditional Greek Salad
tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, pepper, capers, feta

Roca Parmesan

roca, lettuce, radicchio, sun dried tomato, parmesan flakes with honey
& balsamic dressing

Chef's salad
cucumber, tomato, ham, cheese, egg & chef dressing

tomato, onion, cucumber, sliced olives, feta, capers
Served in a baked bread basket drizzled with olive oil, on a 30cm plate

colourful vegetables with cherry tomatoes, carrot garnish
& balsamic vinaigrette

Ceasar's salad

iceburg lettuce, chicken fillet, croutons, ceasar dressing
& grated parmesan

Cretan salad

Cretan rusks, feta, tomato, olives, capers
& extra virgin olive oil

Lettuce and onion

mixed lettuce with spring onion

Gardener's salad
fresh vegetables, cherry tomatoes & sweetcorn
with an extra virgin olive oil dressing with sweet
& sour apple & lemon

Corfiot salad

penne pasta, feta, capers, sliced olives & colourful peppers
dressed with extra virgin olive oil

Green Salad

white cabbage, red cabbage, parsley & celery
dressed with extra virgin olive oil & apple cider vinegar

New York

cabbage, apple, mayonnaise, coconut
& caramelised bacon with cinnamon

Pasta salad

mixed pasta, pesto sauce, sundried tomato & crispy bacon

mixed vegetables, cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, dried fig sticks
graviera cheese flakes with balsamic & honey dressing

Steamed vegetables

with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot & Brussels sprouts

Apricot & figs
iceburg lettuce, lollo roso, pinola, apricot
fig & apricot dressing

Italian pandesia

colourful vegetables, Italian prosciutto, crispy croutons
& citrus dressing

tomato, mozarella, bokotsini & pesto sauce

mixed spinache & roka leaves, avocado
cherry tomatoes & honey-mustard dressing


lettuce hearts, spring onion, chopped dill, strawberries
& pomegranate dressing


mixed roka & spinache leaves, grilled haloumi cheese
cherry tomatoes, toasted sesame & balsamic vinaigrette


Iceburg lettuce, melon, prosciutto, parmesan flakes, froutons
& balsamic vinaigrette

tomatoes, anthotyro cheese & roka leaves

Cheese selections

Traditional Greek Feta Cheese
Olive Oil & Oregano
served for 2 or 4 people

Platter of Feta Cheese & Graviera
triangular, served for 2 or 4 people

Platters of Cheeses of your choice
served for 4 or 8 people
Kefalotiri, Graviera, Feta

Selection of cheeses
3 or 4 cheeses Served on a mirrored plate
with bread sticks

Selection of Greek Cheeses
Traditional Greek Cheeses
served with Nuts & Dry Fruits

Italian Cheese Station

Parmesan Cheese, Pecorino Pepper
Cut & served to guests with grapes & dry fruits

Greek Cheese station
Melba toast, bread sticks, rusks & dry fruit



Beetroot dip

Russian salad

Cheese salad

Cream Cheese

Aubergine Dip

Potato salad


Courgette Pie
with feta & dill

Village Leek Pie
HomemadeTraditional pie with feta cheese

Chicken tart
filled with pieces of boiled chicken
green pepper & puree potato

with a filling of your choice
(to be discussed with the chef)

Ratatouille Tart
crispy nest filled with a variety of vegetables
cream & soft cheese

Quiche Lorraine

with feta, tomato & basil

Stuffed mushrooms
with a variety of cheeses

Mushroom nest
stuffed with tomato, pepper & graviera cheese

with chicken or mushroom with cheese & cream filling

Crepe with spinach

Crepe parcel
with a variety of cheeses, chopped peppers
sweetcorn & chicken

Handmade crepe

in homemade pastry with graviera cheese, ham & mushrooms

Arabian Pita
with cream cheese, lettuce & smoked salmon
with cream cheese, lettuce & chicken

stuffed with beef mince, roka & feta cheese
with a melted gouda cheese crust

Penne ala crem

fresh penne, with cheese & cream

with beef mince served with a garnish of your choice

Mini moussaka
with bechamel & parmesan

with fresh beef mince served with a garnish of your choice

Cheese Croquets

Cured Meat Croquets

Potato Croquets

Aubergine Croquets

Ham & Cheese Flutes

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Giant Baked Beans

Sweet Peppers

Stuffed Sweet Peppers
with soft cheese, spring onion, parsley
cubed tomato & gouda cheese

Stuffed vine leaves with butter & yoghurt sauce

Fried Courgettes

Stuffed peppers
in the oven with cheese & herb mousse

Fried Onion Rings

Mini cheese pies

Mini sausage pies

Mini sausage rolls

Mini ham & cheese croissant


Chicken meatballs

Courgette fritters

Tomato fritters

Potato fritters

Fried Chicken

Sausage & bacon

Fresh Portobello mushrooms
stuffed with Roquefort & soft cheese

Mushroom nest
round, Flat Mushroom with soft cheese

... Select one large portion or
three small portions of the following:

Cheese pie

Vegetable pie

Chicken pie

handmade village pie with fresh filo Pastry


with a variety of fillings

with a variety of sauces

Penne with pesto


with a variety of sauces

Aromatic penne
in a fresh tomato sauce with onion
olives & herbs

Farfalle (bow tie)
with salmon & brik

Fussilli (twists)
with fresh tomato & pesto sauce

Accompanying - Garnishes

Roast Potatoes
with fresh oregano, extra virgin olive oil
& light mustard sauce

Roast Potatoes Au Gratin

Jacket potatoes

Oven Roast Baby Potatoes
fresh with butter & black sesame

Risotto with vegetables
with sweetcorn and bacon

Aromatic risotto
with Greek Red Saffron & mixed vegetables

Risotto with mushrooms

Basmati rice
with parmesan sauce &
freshly ground Madagascan pepper

Risotto with parmesan and truffle oil

Steam mixed
with broccoli, carrot, Brussels sprouts

Cooked dishes

Cockerel Patsitsada
traditional corfiot dish

traditional corfiot dish

Grilled beef
with a velvet moschofilero or mavrodafni wine
& mushroom sauce

Braised Beef
with either tomato or white sauce

Beef Lemonato
chef's speciality

Beef in tomato sauce
with potato, corgette & carrot

Beef Bites
in wine sauce

Corfiot pastitsado

Beef in tomato and onion sauce
(Traditional Corfiot Dish)

Whole leg of roast Pork
in the oven glazed with honey sauce

Chicken bites

with forest mushrooms in creme

Pork Lemonato
chef's speciality

Roast Pork

Rolled Roast Pork
with peppers and Graviera Cheese with a Thyme Sauce

Rolled Roast Chicken
with peppers and Graviera Cheese with a Thyme Sauce

A parcel of pork pieces roasted
together with potato, feta cheese, garlic and spices

Grilled - BBQ dishes

Chicken fillet
leg or breast marinated in olive oil & mustard
or with a variety of sauces

Mini pork fillets
with a creamy mushroom sauce

Home made beef burgers stuffed with feta or other cheeses

Greek Village Sausages
stuffed with leek

pork & chicken

Pork Tenderloin




Mini chicken fillets
marinated with mustard

Crispy Belly Pork with pepper crust

Grilled kebabs

Pita Breads seasoned with oregano & salt

Grilled vegetables with caramelized balsamic

Mini Kebabs served with mini pita breads

Mini Chicken Souvlaki
in a stick with multicolor peppers

Mini Pork Souvlaki
in baboo stick

Carving station

Smoked leg of Pork
with BBQ & Mustard Sauce
(Whole Joints carved & served )

Roast Suckling Pig
with apple, mustard & lemon sauces
(Whole Joints carved & served )

Lamb on the Spit
(Whole Joints carved & served )

Suckling Pig on the Spit
(Whole Joints carved & served )

Sea food - fishes

Poached salmon with lobster sauce

Grilled sword fish
with balsamic & olive oil sauce

in a creamy coriander & anise sauce

Salmon with penne
in a creamy vodka & anise sauce

Seafood Platter
smoked salmon and black tiger prawns

Fish fillet in the oven
with tomato & origano
anise sauce

Prawn Saganaki with tomato & feta cheese

Prawn Cocktail
with lettuce, prawns, cocktail sauce

Boiled Octopus

Salmon Souvlaki with vegetables

Salmon Gravlax
with lemon (canape)

Prawn Mousse (canape)

Prawn with a lemon grass crust

Prawn souvlaki
with sundried tomoatoes
(2 per stick)

Prawns in a ginger and coriander sauce
with basmati & wild rice mix

Salmon fillet
with burnoise potatoes & corgette spaghetti


Fruit Variety Selection
on display

Fruit Souvlakis
served on a mirrored plate

Platter of fruits

for 4 persons


... Sweet buffets that contain all of the following:

Dessert Pots
in flavors: cookies, cheesecake, millefeuille, lemon, tiramisu
chocolate mousse, ekmek, chestnut, profiteroles

Fresh fruit tartlets & fererro tartlets

French dessert sweets
of caramel, black forest & chocolate

Syrup pastries

with honey & cinnamon

Chocolate fountain

Ice cream
in many flavors, served by a traditional stroller
in a cone or cup


with smoked pork, feta cheese salad & cucumber

Cretan cheese pie with manouri cheese

filled with ham & cheese

Mini pork Souvlaki
with vegetables

Chicken legs
sprinkled with oregano

Mini kebabs & pitta bread wrapped in bacon

Vegetable bites
in a pastry parcel with sweet & sour sauce

Cherry Tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese

Platter of mixed cheese & bread sticks

Selection of mixed taster shots

glazed with mayonnaise with slices of ham & cheese

Savoury Choux pastries
filled with a variety of cheeses

with cream cheese & turkey fillet

Cheese pie nests
sprinkled with sesame seeds

filled with cocktail sausages

Cretan triangle
with spinach & cheese

Mashed potatoes
breaded and fried in olive oil

with fresh tomatoe, cured meat & gouda cheese

Fried Wraps
with fresh aubergine & feta cheese

Homemade grilled beef burgers
handmade with herbs

Mini Chicken souvlaki
with colorful peppers

Platter of breadsticks
wrapped in prosciutto

Parmesan cheese plate
with parmesan balls & various breadsticks

Spring rolls
with various vegetables & sweet and sour sauce

Cheese parcels with sweet & sour sauce


Chocolate pie

Chocolate Mousse

Lemon pie

Greek custard pastry

Galaktoboureko & ice cream

Baclava & ice cream

... We also serve the dessert that you can bring

Drinks - Soft drinks - Water

Natural mineral water 1 Lt

Soft drinks
variation 250 ml

Alfa 500 ml


White or red
750 ml

served in a jug

Zitsa domaine white

Ambelomithos domaine white

Ambelomithos domaine red
Dounload our menus in PDF
Suggestion for serving
Full menu
Suggestion for buffet
Equipment that can serve 2000 standing & 1500 sitting

Outdoor chairs & armchairs
Luxury covers in white and beige
Indoor chairs & armchairs'Intercontinental'
Sofas, stools and outdoor chairs'Radan'
Rotundes, Parallel tables & stands of various sizes
Covers (tablecloths, napperon & towels in white and beige)
Luxury porcelain & inox crockery
Isothermal boxes for healthy food transport
Rιchaud stainless steel
White windproof kiosks (awnings) for protection from rain and sun
Automated electric generator
Luxury toilets in trailer
Sound installations
Air turbines, mushrooms & wall stoves for space heating
Kitchen rings & gas stoves
Grill & BBQ with charcoal
Refrigerators & freezers for drinks & food
Refrigerator for ice cream cone
Pop corn machine
Old type carriage
'Macao' Parrots (Live)
Dance floor
Various decorative items